Mass Immersion Approach

Patreon Q&A Backlog

January 12th, 2019

00:29 – Have you talked to Khatzumoto?
17:21 – What should I be “doing” while actively immersing
21:29 – What is the minimum to maintain fluency?
27:17- I only do passive immersion and things aren’t working, what’s wrong?
30:39 – When do I make a card and when do I just keep going?
34:36 – Give me some intellectually stimulating Japanese content
46:18 – I’m not motivated and don’t enjoy learning Japanese, is it still worth my time?

January 27th, 2019

00:23 – What are your plans regarding moving to Japan?
02:30 – When and how to go about dropping the SRS? (My life post SRS)
07:25 – Tae Kim: is “essential grammar” enough? (Theory vs Practice applied to grammar)
14:27 – Pitch accent of names and places?
18:50 – Should I up my active immersion?
21:31 – Current thoughts on reading before listening? (New thoughts on the order of learning)
35:17 – How to approach words with multiple meanings?
37:14 – What do you think of MCDs? What about normal production cards?
42:03 – How to grade monolingual sentence cards
45:08 – Lazy Kanji clarification
46:28 – Immersion while high? Weed and language acquisition
48:55 – How to develop a personality in your L2
56:35 – Bonus: a recent story from school. Incompetence of professors and how to master classical Japanese.

February 9th, 2019

00:24 – Could you interview someone around 1 year into the process?
02:24 – Do you still watch anime?
09:34 – How much listening should I do before I start reading?
14:01 – How has psychedelics changed your perspective?
39:45 – How/when should I get started with pitch accent? How to color code for pitch?
51:36 – Thoughts on Khatz’s “multiplexed input”?
55:30 – How to start reading as a beginner?
56:28 – What do you think about this study about watching with subtitles?
1:01:16 – Japanese immersion sources that aren’t obnoxious?
1:06:17 – Are Chinese subtitles for English shows ok to make sentence cards out of?
1:07:10 – How does attention affect the subconscious when doing active immersion?
1:19:30 – Should I put English translations on BSCs?

February 23rd, 2019

00:15 – How comprehensible should input be when you’re intermediate
07:35 – Have you ever had any plateaus? What to do when you’re stuck
15:11 – Passive immersion playlist structure?
18:20 – What do you think of fantasy/sci-fi anime? Do you like fantasy/sci-fi in general?
24:47 – Good sources for train katakana reading? Is your katakana reading ability native level?
29:17 – How do I learn to speak naturally (and not like an anime character)
39:23 – Do you play video games? Are video games good for immersion?
45:43 – How to deconstruct false assumptions about language and culture
53:05 – Is SuperMemo better than Anki?
58:57 – How many years of AJATT does it take to get confused for a native on the phone?
1:02:40 – Is it ok to make cards for sentences I don’t fully understand?
1:09:08 – MorphMan for the monolingual transition?

March 9th, 2019

0:13 – Is it good to re-watch shows in active immersion?
4:48 – How do I know which MIA Stage I am at?
10:23 – Is “speak Japanese with ‘flat’ intonation” good advice?
18:03 – How would you go about learning programming?
22:18 – How you ever seen non-conformist Japanese people?
32:18 – Should I use pictures instead of English definitions?
38:11 – How much progress can I expect in a year?
40:22 – In the Perfectionist Path, when should I make the monolingual transition?
41:15 – What do you think about using Yomichan as a stand-alone dictionary?
43:21 – How has your meditation practice been going?
56:25 – Is learning to understand Kansai-ben difficult?
1:01:57 – Can you walk us through some monolingual definitions?

March 23th, 2019

00:32 – How strict were you about ALL Japanese ALL the time?
09:30 – Do linguists know about the input hypothesis?
21:17 – Are you going to make more videos of you speaking Japanese?
25:32 – How to learn Japanese cursive?
34:22 – What makes you most grateful that you know Japanese?
41:18 – Can I get fluent with 1 hour a day?
48:50 – Tell me every single insight you’ve ever had
50:18 – How should I spend my time in Japan?
56:56 – Have you/will you take the 漢字検定?
58:19 – How would learning Mandarin be different from learning Japanese?
1:03:22 – Should I SRS names?
1:07:47 – Are you going to take the JLPT? Advice for the JLPT?
1:11:29 – How many kanji can you read?
1:12:41 – How do you stay motivated to keep meditating?

April 6th, 2019

00:32 – Have you considered becoming a translator?
10:52 – Should I limit how many sentences I mine from a single source?
12:49 – Matt’s current take on each of Krashen’s 5 hypotheses
42:23 – How many water bottles do you go through in a day?
42:38 – How do I stay in the moment while listening?
46:24 – Overall Anki setup?
48:03 – How much reading is required to counteract not SRSing?
1:02:18 – Why is Japanese pitch accent harder than Mandarin tones?
1:21:08 – Matt’s experience with pitch accent
1:31:25 – Did you film your April Fools video in one take?

April 20th, 2019

0:23 – What is the anime you mined the most?
1:17 – What do you do for fun, related and unrelated to Japanese?
8:35 – Where do you want to live in Japan?
10:14 – Which non-ajatters in the field would you want to have a conversation with?
13:31 – How good were you at 18 months? Are some people truly fluent after 18 months?
23:46 – How many reps did you do a day per average? What do you think about JALUP’s 250k reps + immersion = fluency
27:21 – How to utilize audiobooks/ebook pairs?
31:48 – What do you think about people mixing dialects in both English and Japanese?
44:43 – Is it bad to only sentence mine from books?
47:25 – Should I attempt to use visual novels to train listening ability?
49:50 – What other languages do you want to learn?
59:04 – Should I pause sentence mining to focus on pitch accent?
1:11:24 – How to do to monolingual RTK?
1:15:37 – Is there a way to make subs2srs decks out of audiobooks?
1:15:54 – What is that orange thing in your room?

May 4th, 2019

1:00 – When is a good time to start an L3?
12:16 – Top 5 anime of all time? (Sorry, I was a dick in this one. Anime is fine; I’m just a little sick of people asking me about it)
13:19 – Is your listening ability native level?
15:00 – Favorite J-Drama?
16:43 – If you could trade the time you spent on Japanese into some other skill, what would it be?
19:00 – Is it a good idea to make twin audio-reading cards? Does a audio-reading pair count as one or two cards?
22:58 – Do heritage speakers have an advantage when doing MIA?
26:38 – What could and couldn’t you do in Japanese after 18 months?
31:24 – Should I read through Tae Kim while going through the Tango decks?
33:11 – How do you plan to promote MIA to the public
34:04 – Is there a Japanese syntax parser similar to but with no English?
34:50 – How to deal with homophones when listening?
38:54 – Should I make mnemonics to learn new words?
40:22 – How to rep audio-based bilingual sentence cards?
43:29 – If you figure out a new word’s meaning from context, should you still make a card?
44:34 – Do your Tango decks have audio or text on the front? Which way is better? Both?
46:24 – How strict should I be when grading text-based audio cards?

May 18th, 2019

00:25 – Current take on cultural differences between Japan and the US
12:04 – What was it like speaking to Steve Kaufmann in Japanese?
13:47 – How to transition from reading manga to reading novels?
17:13 – Once you are able to understand, how do you transition to outputting?
23:40 – I am able to understand well; why am I not able to output?
26:22 – When and when not to use furigana?
31:42 – How to deal with words like “開(あ)ける” and “開(ひら)ける” when reading?
36:11 – How much time do you spend on Chinese each day?
38:23 – Do you regret deleting your anki deck? What is your current stance on SRSing as an advanced learner
52:50 – I want to know a difficult language (Japanese) and an easy language (Spanish); should I learn them at the same time?
58:54 – Do you like Japanese food? Is Japanese food in the States authentic?
1:07:00 – My reading ability is way better than my listening ability, what should I do?
1:14:56 – How to make monolingual SRS cards for vocab and grammar?
1:17:43 – How to learn readings after RTK?

June 1st, 2019

00:42 – Do you know any older people who have become fluent? Does age matter in language learning?
08:10 – What are some English phrases/concepts that don’t exist in Japanese?
13:43 – What Japanese documentaries do you recommend?
15:12 – What are the benefits of being able to write out kanji from memory?
17:52 – Sentence cards only test recognition; should I make production cards as well?
24:33 – Are there any language learning YouTubers that you like? What YouTubers do you like in general?
31:31 – How has Nick been?
32:15 – Did you ever turn someone into an AJATTer IRL?
36:07 – I never used RTK; how to do monolingual traditional RTK?
38:01 – Will the MIA Japanese Support addon interfere with other addons? Does it work with MorphMan?
39:21 – How much immersion do you need to forgo anki?
40:50 – How often should I look things up while reading without furigana?
42:35 – How important is going monolingual when learning a language close to your L1?
46:04 – I am a beginner going to Japan in a month. How should I prepare to use the language in the country?

June 15th, 2019

01:20 – What research do you have to back up your claim that premature output and excessive early reading negatively affect pronunciation in the long term?
17:30 – My immersion quality suffers from being burned out after work; is this normal? What should I do?
20:08 – Do Japanese people still say your Japanese is “cute”? Why do you think this happens?
23:29 – What are your thoughts on timeboxing?
28:59 – I find myself doubting the process; how do I deal with this?
40:44 – Who would win in a fight between you and Yoga?
41:22 – Are Japanese people racist towards Chinese people?
51:23 – How does JLPT N1 level translate to the 6-Point Model of Language Ability?
55:55 – Is English as hard for Japanese people as Japanese is for English speakers?
1:01:28 – I am struggling to switch from English to Japanese media; should I go cold turkey?
1:07:58 – How do you plan on moving away from piracy for the future of MIA?
1:14:07 – Is this a good way to train pitch accent perception?
1:19:54 – How many years where you into AJATT when you didn’t have to listen to Japanese 24/7 anymore?
1:21:46 – Why do you think there aren’t any girls doing MIA?
1:25:32 – When should I stop repping RTK (lazy kanji) cards?
1:29:53 – What are your current thoughts on removing cards once they pass a certain interval?