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January 12th, 2019

00:29 - Have you talked to Khatzumoto?

17:21 - What should I be "doing" while actively immersing

21:29 - What is the minimum to maintain fluency?

27:17- I only do passive immersion and things aren't working, what's wrong?

30:39 - When do I make a card and when do I just keep going?

34:36 - Give me some intellectually stimulating Japanese content

46:18 - I'm not motivated and don't enjoy learning Japanese, is it still worth my time?

January 27th, 2019

00:23 - What are your plans regarding moving to Japan?

02:30 - When and how to go about dropping the SRS? (My life post SRS)

07:25 - Tae Kim: is "essential grammar" enough? (Theory vs Practice applied to grammar)

14:27 - Pitch accent of names and places?

18:50 - Should I up my active immersion?

21:31 - Current thoughts on reading before listening? (New thoughts on the order of learning)

35:17 - How to approach words with multiple meanings?

37:14 - What do you think of MCDs? What about normal production cards?

42:03 - How to grade monolingual sentence cards

45:08 - Lazy Kanji clarification

48:55 - How to develop a personality in your L2

56:35 - Bonus: a recent story from school. Incompetence of professors and how to master classical Japanese.

February 9th, 2019

00:24 - Could you interview someone around 1 year into the process?

02:24 - Do you still watch anime?

09:34 - How much listening should I do before I start reading?

39:45 - How/when should I get started with pitch accent? How to color code for pitch?

51:36 - Thoughts on Khatz's "multiplexed input"?

55:30 - How to start reading as a beginner?

56:28 - What do you think about this study about watching with subtitles?

1:01:16 - Japanese immersion sources that aren't obnoxious?

1:06:17 - Are Chinese subtitles for English shows ok to make sentence cards out of?

1:07:10 - How does attention affect the subconscious when doing active immersion?

1:19:30 - Should I put English translations on BSCs?

February 23rd, 2019

00:15 - How comprehensible should input be when you're intermediate

07:35 - Have you ever had any plateaus? What to do when you're stuck

15:11 - Passive immersion playlist structure?

18:20 - What do you think of fantasy/sci-fi anime? Do you like fantasy/sci-fi in general?

24:47 - Good sources for train katakana reading? Is your katakana reading ability native level?

29:17 - How do I learn to speak naturally (and not like an anime character)

39:23 - Do you play video games? Are video games good for immersion?

45:43 - How to deconstruct false assumptions about language and culture

53:05 - Is SuperMemo better than Anki?

58:57 - How many years of AJATT does it take to get confused for a native on the phone?

1:02:40 - Is it ok to make cards for sentences I don't fully understand?

1:09:08 - MorphMan for the monolingual transition?

March 9th, 2019

0:13 – Is it good to re-watch shows in active immersion?

4:48 – How do I know which MIA Stage I am at?

10:23 – Is “speak Japanese with ‘flat’ intonation” good advice?

18:03 – How would you go about learning programming?

22:18 – How you ever seen non-conformist Japanese people?

32:18 – Should I use pictures instead of English definitions?

38:11 – How much progress can I expect in a year?

40:22 – In the Perfectionist Path, when should I make the monolingual transition?

41:15 – What do you think about using Yomichan as a stand-alone dictionary?

43:21 – How has your meditation practice been going?

56:25 – Is learning to understand Kansai-ben difficult?

1:01:57 – Can you walk us through some monolingual definitions?

March 23th, 2019

00:32 - How strict were you about ALL Japanese ALL the time?

09:30 - Do linguists know about the input hypothesis?

21:17 - Are you going to make more videos of you speaking Japanese?

25:32 - How to learn Japanese cursive?

34:22 - What makes you most grateful that you know Japanese?

41:18 - Can I get fluent with 1 hour a day?

48:50 - Tell me every single insight you've ever had

50:18 - How should I spend my time in Japan?

56:56 - Have you/will you take the 漢字検定?

58:19 - How would learning Mandarin be different from learning Japanese?

1:03:22 - Should I SRS names?

1:07:47 - Are you going to take the JLPT? Advice for the JLPT?

1:11:29 - How many kanji can you read?

1:12:41 - How do you stay motivated to keep meditating?

April 6th, 2019

00:32 - Have you considered becoming a translator?

10:52 - Should I limit how many sentences I mine from a single source?

12:49 - Matt's current take on each of Krashen's 5 hypotheses

42:23 - How many water bottles do you go through in a day?

42:38 - How do I stay in the moment while listening?

46:24 - Overall Anki setup?

48:03 - How much reading is required to counteract not SRSing?

1:02:18 - Why is Japanese pitch accent harder than Mandarin tones?

1:21:08 - Matt's experience with pitch accent

1:31:25 - Did you film your April Fools video in one take?

April 20th, 2019

0:23 - What is the anime you mined the most?

1:17 - What do you do for fun, related and unrelated to Japanese?

8:35 - Where do you want to live in Japan?

10:14 - Which non-ajatters in the field would you want to have a conversation with?

13:31 - How good were you at 18 months? Are some people truly fluent after 18 months?

23:46 - How many reps did you do a day per average? What do you think about JALUP's 250k reps + immersion = fluency

27:21 - How to utilize audiobooks/ebook pairs?

31:48 - What do you think about people mixing dialects in both English and Japanese?

44:43 - Is it bad to only sentence mine from books?

47:25 - Should I attempt to use visual novels to train listening ability?

49:50 - What other languages do you want to learn?

59:04 - Should I pause sentence mining to focus on pitch accent?

1:11:24 - How to do to monolingual RTK?

1:15:37 - Is there a way to make subs2srs decks out of audiobooks?

1:15:54 - What is that orange thing in your room?

May 4th, 2019

1:00 - When is a good time to start an L3?

12:16 - Top 5 anime of all time? (Sorry, I was a dick in this one. Anime is fine; I'm just a little sick of people asking me about it)

13:19 - Is your listening ability native level?

15:00 - Favorite J-Drama?

16:43 - If you could trade the time you spent on Japanese into some other skill, what would it be?

19:00 - Is it a good idea to make twin audio-reading cards? Does a audio-reading pair count as one or two cards?

22:58 - Do heritage speakers have an advantage when doing MIA?

26:38 - What could and couldn't you do in Japanese after 18 months?

31:24 - Should I read through Tae Kim while going through the Tango decks?

33:11 - How do you plan to promote MIA to the public

34:04 - Is there a Japanese syntax parser similar to but with no English?

34:50 - How to deal with homophones when listening?

38:54 - Should I make mnemonics to learn new words?

40:22 - How to rep audio-based bilingual sentence cards?

43:29 - If you figure out a new word's meaning from context, should you still make a card?

44:34 - Do your Tango decks have audio or text on the front? Which way is better? Both?

46:24 - How strict should I be when grading text-based audio cards?

May 18th, 2019

00:25 - Current take on cultural differences between Japan and the US

12:04 - What was it like speaking to Steve Kaufmann in Japanese?

13:47 - How to transition from reading manga to reading novels?

17:13 - Once you are able to understand, how do you transition to outputting?

23:40 - I am able to understand well; why am I not able to output?

26:22 - When and when not to use furigana?

31:42 - How to deal with words like "開(あ)ける" and "開(ひら)ける" when reading?

36:11 - How much time do you spend on Chinese each day?

38:23 - Do you regret deleting your anki deck? What is your current stance on SRSing as an advanced learner

52:50 - I want to know a difficult language (Japanese) and an easy language (Spanish); should I learn them at the same time?

58:54 - Do you like Japanese food? Is Japanese food in the States authentic?

1:07:00 - My reading ability is way better than my listening ability, what should I do?

1:14:56 - How to make monolingual SRS cards for vocab and grammar?

1:17:43 - How to learn readings after RTK?

June 1st, 2019

00:42 - Do you know any older people who have become fluent? Does age matter in language learning?

08:10 - What are some English phrases/concepts that don't exist in Japanese?

13:43 - What Japanese documentaries do you recommend?

15:12 - What are the benefits of being able to write out kanji from memory?

17:52 - Sentence cards only test recognition; should I make production cards as well?

24:33 - Are there any language learning YouTubers that you like? What YouTubers do you like in general?

31:31 - How has Nick been?

32:15 - Did you ever turn someone into an AJATTer IRL?

36:07 - I never used RTK; how to do monolingual traditional RTK?

38:01 - Will the MIA Japanese Support addon interfere with other addons? Does it work with MorphMan?

39:21 - How much immersion do you need to forgo anki?

40:50 - How often should I look things up while reading without furigana?

42:35 - How important is going monolingual when learning a language close to your L1?

46:04 - I am a beginner going to Japan in a month. How should I prepare to use the language in the country?

June 15th, 2019

01:20 - What research do you have to back up your claim that premature output and excessive early reading negatively affect pronunciation in the long term?

17:30 - My immersion quality suffers from being burned out after work; is this normal? What should I do?

20:08 - Do Japanese people still say your Japanese is "cute"? Why do you think this happens?

23:29 - What are your thoughts on timeboxing?

28:59 - I find myself doubting the process; how do I deal with this?

40:44 - Who would win in a fight between you and Yoga?

41:22 - Are Japanese people racist towards Chinese people?

51:23 - How does JLPT N1 level translate to the 6-Point Model of Language Ability?

55:55 - Is English as hard for Japanese people as Japanese is for English speakers?

1:01:28 - I am struggling to switch from English to Japanese media; should I go cold turkey?

1:07:58 - How do you plan on moving away from piracy for the future of MIA?

1:14:07 - Is this a good way to train pitch accent perception?

1:19:54 - How many years where you into AJATT when you didn't have to listen to Japanese 24/7 anymore?

1:21:46 - Why do you think there aren't any girls doing MIA?

1:25:32 - When should I stop repping RTK (lazy kanji) cards?

1:29:53 - What are your current thoughts on removing cards once they pass a certain interval?

June 30th, 2019

00:35 - How did you arrive at the conclusion that 10 cards a day is optimal?

05:43 - Does constant background immersion conflict with pursuing mindfulness in daily life?

12:15 - Are you actively trying to improve your Japanese output? How to reach a native level of output ability outside Japan?

28:54 - Help with transitioning to grammar and sentence mining after RTK

37:31 - What has your experience been with meditation retreats? Do you recommend going on one?

1:03:16 - If you had started meditating when you first started AJATT, would you be native level by now?

1:08:10 - Should I go out of my way to seek dialog-heavy immersion material, or just immerse with what I enjoy?

1:11:12 - How important is it to passively immerse with material you have actively consumed at least once?

1:17:23 - I only want to understand, and don't care about output. How should I apply MIA for this goal?

1:25:08 - How to get good at writing in a foreign language?

1:29:08 - How to learn words without SRSing them?

1:34:06 - How to go from Recognition RTK to reading kanji in sentences? Should I use furigana?

1:36:30 - How to speed up the process of dropping mental translation and understanding directly though mentalese

1:39:18 - Is recalling the meaning of characters necessary for Recognition RTK?

July 13th, 2019

00:18 - Why don’t you move to Japan right now? Wouldn’t that be better for MIA and your language goals?

11:49 - If your significant other was a native speaker of your L2 and wanted to assist your language learning, how would you instruct them to help you?

21:09 - Do you think it’s easier to reach a near-native level in Korean than in Japanese?

23:17 - So, what happened to MIA v1??

30:38 - If I don’t care about output, will it be more efficient to learn to read before developing listening ability?

39:56 - When tackling a new domain of language, is it a good idea to memorize the domain-specific vocabulary ahead of time (out of context)?

51:28 - How do I deal with loneliness when doing MIA?

1:00:33 - Japanese fonts seem very small. Should I purposely set font sizes small in order to adjust to smaller fonts?

1:05:31 - When it comes to learning kanji, is going from 0 to 2000 easier than going from 2000 to 5500?

1:06:42 - What do you think of Laoshu’s language learning method?

1:09:49 - You have said that knowing a word is nakadaka is USUALLY enough to infer exactly where the drop will be. But what are the cases where it will still be ambiguous?

1:19:02 - Where did you get all your physical Japanese books over the years?

1:21:20 - If you started an English language school in Japan, what would your classes look like?

July 27th, 2019

00:14 - What is your opinion on Japanese girls?

04:49 - Do you think that the Japanese classes you took helped you in any way?

14:37 - Would you rather date an American girl or a Japanese girl?

15:48 - I only have 2 hours a day to spend on Japanese; how should I use my time?

22:55 - How often do you encounter i+1 and i+2 sentences?

29:50 - How often do you know every word in a sentence but still not understand it?

31:21 - How do I improve at pitch accent PASSIVELY using color coding with the MIA JS Support addon?

33:40 - My listening ability is lacking in specific areas (katakana words, etc.); will this improve automatically with more immersion, or do I need to actively pay attention to those areas?

41:32 - Will not studying pitch accent affect your ability to understand spoken Japanese?

44:19 - It is possible for humans to acquire animal languages?

48:33 - What are the pros and cons of audio-based sentences cards and text-based sentence cards? Which should I use?

53:08 - How much does studying classical Japanese benefit your modern Japanese abilities?

1:04:56 - If you wanted to reach "native level", how would you go about it and how long would it take?

1:12:29 - How should I select what sentences to mine? Is being "i+1" the only criteria?

August 10th, 2019

00:19 - Do you have plans to collab with Dogen?

01:44 - Is there anything that you don't like about the Japanese language?

10:46 - What's your favorite Japanese insult?

12:41 - How would you design a scientific study to gather evidence for your ideas on language learning?

19:31 - Do you recommend learning an L3? If so, when should you start?

31:49 - Do you think it's a good idea to quanitify how many immersion hours are required for each stage of the MIA timeline?

36:20 - Does the number of necessarily hours per day to make progress change depending on the difficulty of your target language?

38:24 - If you had literally all day to study your target language, how would you structure your day?

46:18 - How do I become a more articulate speaker in my native language?

59:06 - Is excessive diversification of immersion sources unproductive?

1:01:17 - Did you ever explicitly practice writing out Japanese by hand? What is the best way to train this skill?

1:06:08 - What's up with the YogaMatt podcast?

1:09:47 - How many of your cards became leeches? What to do about leeches?

1:12:25 - What do you think about creating an "output deck"?

August 24th, 2019

00:49 - Are longer immersion sessions better than shorter immersion session?

02:43 - What does the learning process look like after basic fluency?

08:34 - Will MIA work without the meditation process?

09:31 - I hate Anki, and am thinking of not using it. Is this a bad decision?

13:15 - Will you interview people who learned languages other than Japanese?

14:19 - How can I embrace ambiguity and overcome my OCD?

17:23 - If you had all the time in the world, would you actively learn Chinese?

18:31 - How long did it take you to able to enjoy Japanese media the same way you enjoy English media?

23:42 - What are your views on willpower?

29:26 - Is it possible to reach native level without Anki?

31:03 - There are 10 i+1 sentences on each page; how do I choose which sentences to mine?

September 7th, 2019

00:22 - Is speeding up immersion a good idea?

06:50 - How do you acquire grammar that isn't necessary for comprehension?

19:31 - What would happen if you skipped the monolingual transition?

24:07 - When should I put my phone/computer into my target language?

28:34 - What has your experience been maintaining your Japanese with lower amounts of immersion and learning an L3?

37:42 - Is it worth it to meditate 10~15 minutes a day?

39:11 - Is passive immersion beneficial even when you're not paying attention?

42:04 - What is the ideal sentence length for sentence cards? Is it fine to make cards with fragments of a sentence?

46:00 - How long did it take after starting pitch accent study before it became useful in comprehending real Japanese?

47:21 - Why is SuperMemo better/more efficient than Anki? Can't we just make addons to improve those aspects of Anki?

55:47 - I'm already fluent but have a bad accent. How can I improve my accent?

1:00:04 - Have you thought about going to a Polyglot Gathering?

1:00:47 - I have reached basic fluency in Japanese but still feel guilty about doing things in English. What to do about this?

September 21st, 2019

02:10 - What do you actually DO while actively immersing? Should you try to memorize words you look up? What if you didn’t look anything up?

14:19 - What has your experience been with using Anki for other fields of study?

28:45 - Have you ever been skeptical about meditation?

30:35 - What exactly should I be doing with my attention while shadowing?

33:08 - I learned Japanese but don’t want to go to Japan. Should I go to Japan anyway?

39:57 - How much conscious effort do you put into your accent when speaking Japanese?

42:49 - Are programs like Pimsleur or Assimil a good idea for beginners?

46:23 - What is the point of immersion during the RRTK phase? Shouldn’t I just spend more time on kanji?

53:14 - I feel like I over-rely on context when recalling the meaning of words while repping. What should I do about this?

57:06 - Do you have any recommendations for Japanese history books/resources?

1:02:52 - Are fully Japanese textbooks like “Minna no Nihongo” useful?

1:06:27 - Why don’t you recommend trying to understand pitch accent at early as possible?

1:13:37 - Sometimes there are multiple ways to read a word, all with the same meaning. How do you find out what the most common reading is in these sorts of cases?

1:16:23 - Explain the concept of an “accent phrase” in Japanese pitch accent.

1:24:25 - What’s your recommendation regarding ergonomic chairs?

October 5th, 2019

00:25 - What is your elevator pitch for explaining MIA?

05:10 - I'm having trouble finding 1T sentences while immersing; what am I doing wrong?

09:58 - have you read "Moonwalking with Einstein" and what do you think about using hard-core mnemonics for language learning?

21:57 - How can I use MIA to learn code?

26:17 - What are your thoughts on the recent events regarding Culadasa?

27:41 - When are you going to upload the interview with the guy who learned German?

29:05 - How much of an advantage do Chinese people have over Westerners when learning Japanese?

32:30 - Does absolute pitch/relative pitch give you an advantage in language learning?

37:25 - The Tango N5 deck is 50% vocab cards. Is that bad?

40:45 - What are your favorite 四字熟語 (4-character compounds)?

46:23 - Are older anime bad for immersion?

49:11 - How can I do MIA without Anki? How much will not SRSing hurt my progress?

59:18 - What do you think the relationship is between the consciousness and unconscious minds?

1:04:12 - How much easier is learning a European language than learning an Asian language?

1:08:37 - When shadowing, should I continue to shadow the same short section until I get it perfect?

1:09:39 - How do you think that mental health affects work capacity and motivation?

October 17th, 2019

00:40 - What are your thoughts on the newest season of Terrace House?

10:00 - What's your reaction to Steve Kaufmann saying that learning 3 languages at once is more efficient?

27:03 - What MIA tools do you guys have planned for the future?

33:57 - What can I do to improve my output abilities around 18 months into the process?

45:07 - What do you think of the approach of only immersing with subtitles for the first 2 years?

52:07 - What has your experience learning Mandarin been so far?

1:13:56 - How much better do you think your Japanese will be 5 years from now?

1:16:29 - What do you think about never learning to write out kanji?

1:19:04 - What are your thoughts on setting "New Interval" after lapse to 100% on Anki.

November 9th, 2019

1:30 - What do you mean by "acquisition critical mass"?

6:42 - Are you still planning a vlog trip to Japan?

11:42 - Have you ever met anyone better than you at Japanese?

18:51 - At what point in your AJATT career did the JLPT N1 become a joke?

19:32 - How do you deal with doubt during the early stages of the acquisition process?

27:43 - Set of 3 questions related to executing MIA (card creation, time allocation, pitch accent)

37:59 - What's the most difficult piece of Japanese media you've consumed?

45:12 - Do you have plans to create Japanese content for Japanese people learning English?

46:59 - How should I go about learning to understand math in Japanese?

56:10 - Do you have any plans to do follow up interviews with people you've interviewed in the past?

57:18 - How long will it take me to reach fluency with my current routine? Will the fact that I'm 14 years old help me?

59:27 - What do you think about turning sentence cards into vocab cards after a few reps?

1:04:21 - What is the best way to specifically train phoneme-parsing ability?

1:09:05 - It makes me a long time to make cards. Am I doing something wrong?

November 23rd, 2019

00:29 - What is the minimum about of daily active immersion for an intermediate learner to make progress towards fluency?

01:25 - How detrimental is taking periodical breaks from immersion?

09:58 - How can one improve at their native language?

17:00 - How do you go about continually finding interesting immersion content?

24:15 - How can I improve my fossilized English?

30:20 - Are meditation and ambition compatible?

44:17 - Should I invest in pitch accent dictionaries?

45:48 - How should I find non-anime Japanese immersion content?

47:11 - What will the "complete" version of MIA look like?

50:13 - How should I choose between audio-based and text-based sentence cards?

50:47 - What is your take on extensive vs intensive reading?

56:26 - How many words would you say you know in Japanese?

56:38 - I want to sound like ____ in Japanese; can you pick a language parent for me?

59:19 - What is your favorite part of learning Mandarin? After Mandarin are you going to learn another language?

December 7th, 2019

01:01 - You learned Japanese as a teenager but started Mandarin in your 20's. Do you feel your ability to acquire language has declined due to loss of brain plasticity?

08:53 - What do you think about "corrective listening"?

12:44 - When should I start reading?

14:30 - How do I learn to say things that don't come up in my immersion?

18:02 - If someone got fluent in reading without doing any listening, how long would it take them to catch their listening ability up?

19:13 - Have you ever seen Kabuki, Noh, or other traditional Japanese theater?

19:37 - How much easier was the second book you ever read compared to the first book? How long did it take you to reach native level comprehension ability?

21:39 - How would you study specifically for the 漢字検定?

22:32 - I immerse with English and Japanese subs on at the same time. Is this a bad idea?

28:50 - How should I balance avoiding premature output while living in Japan? Is memorizing set phrases a good idea?

32:32 - How long did it take you to become able to make sentence cards entirely from listening?

34:49 - Monolingual Transition technique question

39:48 - What do you think about sentence mining solely from Twitter?

41:40 - Is there a Japanese translation of "The Mind Illuminated"? If not, can you recommend a Japanese meditation manual?

43:09 - How much of a gap is there between your Japanese reading comprehension and a native's?

47:39 - When in the process did you start having bilingual conversations with Japanese friends?

December 21st, 2019

00:25 - Do you plan on making Chinese update videos?

03:37 - What's your opinion of Antimoon's "pause and think" technique? Do you disagree with Antimoon on anything?

15:59 - Should I limit how much dubbed content I immerse with? What are the downsides of dubbed content?

23:56 - When you say you made "a ton" of cards for a given book/show, how many cards is "a ton"?

28:42 - Is it a good idea to make cards out of the example sentences from monolingual definitions?

34:56 - Why do you recommend putting entire monolingual definitions on cards, instead of simply the portion of the definition necessary to understand the target sentence?

51:02 - What are the dots I occasionally see next to certain words or phrases in written Japanese? Why do some Japanese authors put seemingly unrelated furigana on top of certain words?

58:32 - How much will immersing with condensed audio files reduce the time it takes to reach fluency?

1:02:17 - How much better is getting 1000 hours of immersion over the course of 1 year compared to getting 1000 hours of immersion over the course of 2 years?

1:04:28 - If I come across a word in kana but the dictionary says the word also has kanji, when I kanjify the word when I make a sentence card for it?

1:08:20 - Is it better to do your Anki reps when they're due half-assedly, or save them for another day when you'll be able to do them with your full attention?

1:10:01 - Have you studied the Ainu language? How much has Japanese been influenced by the Ainu language?

1:13:29 - I'm not ready to start learning pitch accent yet. Should I still color code my cards for pitch with the MIA Japanese Add-on?

January 9th, 2020

03:53 - What is the current status of the MIA website? When will it be updated?

09:05 - As an intermediate learner, I constantly come across unknown words, and it feels like at the rate of 10 cards a day I will never reach fluency. Would it be a good idea to make 25-40 cards a day instead?

16:34 - What aspect of the Japanese language tripped you up for the longest amount of time? What was the “aha” moment when it finally clicked?

30:17 - What is your stance on vocab cards? When is it better to make a vocab card instead of a sentence card?

31:54 - How do I avoid learning the wrong meaning when a word has 30+ different entries in the dictionary?

37:36 - How do I improve my output abilities in a language I’m already highly fluent in?

50:59 - Are you going to add a “meditation” section to MIA in the future?

1:09:06 - When should I stop using Anki altogether?

1:13:02 - Do you think it’s possible to fully acquire a language’s phonetic system from immersion and shadowing alone?

1:18:22 - Are there any situations in which it makes sense to use Anki’s “set maximum interval” feature?

January 19th, 2020

00:28 - What are your thoughts on the return of Khatzumoto?

08:42 - What are your thoughts on Luca Lampariello’s video "My Failure with Japanese"?

17:01 - Have you looked into doing your own academic research on language acquisition?

22:29 - Can you go into detail on your experience of initially beginning to output?

36:35 - What were some of the moments you realized your vocab had surpassed that of the average native?

40:46 - I can’t tolerate ambiguity and constantly rely on English subtitle while immersing. What should I do?

45:17 - Is reading through AJATT and Antimoon beneficial for those doing MIA?

47:44 - Why do you think Japan’s population is declining? Is this something that’s commonly talked about in Japan?

55:59 - What is the difference between the MIA Vacation add-on “catch-up” feature and Anki’s built-in “Maximum Reviews per Day” feature?

1:05:22 - What’s the story behind your most viewed video? (the Pokemon clip)

1:13:13 - After looking a word up, how do I know when to make a card vs when to simply move on?

1:15:45 - What is your opinion on LingQ?

February 4th, 2020

00:51 - How are you?

03:26 - Do you still plan on doing the “Immersion Capsule”?

06:00 - Does it matter what sources you immerse with? (anime/drama/YouTube, etc.)

18:14 - In the context of Japanese immersion: how can I fill the void I feel after cutting out YouTube?

25:01 - How should I spend my time if I only have 30 mins – 1 hour each day to spend on language learning?

30:20 - I find myself feeling overly tense when immersing with challenging material; how can I remedy this?

36:56 - What are your thoughts on “rest days” in the context of language learning?

42:49 - Is it a bad idea to sentence mine from content I consumed a long time ago?

46:27 - What are the pros and cons of starting pitch accent study early vs late?

54:11 - Why do I struggle with reading philosophical texts in my L2 despite being at a near-native level?

57:24 - Japanese is my passion but Chinese seems more useful; which should I learn?

February 16th, 2020

00:29 - How do you know when you should quit learning a language?

13:09 - What are the limits of your Japanese ability?

19:28 - How did you personally go about sentence mining from shows?

25:58 - What is the right amount of mental effort to use when immersing?

29:09 - Do you think you’ll ever become a digital nomad?

32:01 - What do you do when you feel like you’re not progressing?

42:12 - How to overcome struggles regarding interacting with groups of Japanese people?

49:51 - How did you and Yoga meet?

52:47 - How can you utilize a native language teacher in Stage 1 of MIA?

56:51 - How do Japanese people pronounce “?” and “!”?

1:00:05 - You said you learned Japanese for the wrong reason; why are you learning Mandarin?

February 29th, 2020

00:21 - What would you recommend doing differently when learning Mandarin vs Japanese?

18:38 - My experience with different meditation retreats and a long explanation of the current vipassana landscape.

58:26 - How can one effectively leverage native speaker friends in the early stages of MIA?

1:00:09 - Do you think being raised bilingually gives you an advantage when it comes to acquiring new phonetic systems as an adult?

1:02:24 - Where precisely is the line between active and passive immersion?

1:07:44 - Do you know the YouTube channel “Xiaomanyc”? Have you considered making videos in that style?

1:11:44 - What are your thoughts on using the MIA Vacation addon to only rep on certain days in order to make more time for immersion?

1:14:26 - I fell off the wagon and didn’t rep or immerse for a week; how should I jump back into things?

1:15:15 - If a word can be written in multiple different ways, should you make a separate card for each one?

1:16:52 - How can I learn to build Anki decks from scratch?

March 14th, 2020

2:34 - As a beginner, should I avoid immersion sources that contain mumbling/slurred speech such as podcasts and YouTube videos?

11:17 - If my goal is to speak my target language with my kids, should I focus on immersing with media that contains family interactions?

14:52 - How come some Japanese sounds seem to be inconsistent?

27:08 - My goal is to interact with French people, content that reflects authentic interactions between French people is not very comprehensible. Should I immerse in that type of content anyway, or use something more comprehensible like anime/dramas/movies?

31:43 - What do you think about graded readers?

39:05 - Have you ever tried meditating in a float tank?

39:14 - How should I review cards for Tango N5 & N4; audio cards, text cards, or both?

45:41 - I’m struggling with kanji while working through Tango N4; should I go through Production (Traditional) RTK?

48:55 - I have a good retention rate in Anki, but I have trouble remember words in my immersion. How should I fix this?

55:08 - How natural is the Japanese in the ひいきびいき (Hiikibiiki) podcast?

59:51 - Do you think it would be possible to become fluent in a language ONLY through reading (without any prior knowledge or ever using a dictionary)?

April 11th, 2020

0:20 - Would you ever join Terrace House if given the opportunity?

3:15 - If my goal is to achieve “all around fluency”, which language domains should I prioritize?

10:46 - What are your current recommendations related to how to sentence mine?

20:11 - Can you explain what is funny about the Japanese skit “Homeroom” by Kamaitachi

29:22 - How should I go about getting used to having my phone/computer set to my target language?

39:21 - Have you ever experienced gaining a deeper understanding of a topic due to reading about it in multiple languages?

42:05 - How should I treat pitch accent in the context of reviewing sentence cards?

50:50 - What are the drawbacks of learning entirely through audio, without doing any reading/watching with subs?

54:06 - Can pitch accent study interfere with reading ability? What as your experience been in this area?

1:00:40 - Do you think that in the future it will be possible to “download and instantly install” languages onto our brains?

1:00:58 - What are some common “usage mistakes” that native Japanese speakers make?

1:11:14 - Are you ever going to translate MIA into Japanese?

April 25th, 2020

0:52 - Talking about new RRTK deck

07:02 - Are you/MIA ever going to collaborate with Khatzumoto?

12:14 - If you never created MIA, what would you be doing with Japanese? Or would you have dropped Japanese and taken an entirely different career path?

24:06 - How you developed a set strategy for defending/promoting MIA in a debate?

40:04 - In order to increase my reading speed, should I force myself to start skimming?

47:25 - Would you consider it a downside of audio cards that they don’t formally test you on your ability to read the target word? Should you make text cards in addition to audio cards?

54:35 - What changes to the MIA protocol would recommend for someone who doesn’t care about output?

57:25 - Do you think it’s reasonable to learn multiple languages at once with MIA? How should one go about maintaining a fluent L2 in while learning an L3?

May 9th, 2020

00:35 - How has your view of Japan and Japanese culture changed over the last 3 years?

11:14 - Did you track your daily immersion hours during your hardcore phase?

16:14 - Text cards have been working well for me; should I switch all my cards to audio cards?

24:36 - Can you describe the process of becoming able to intuitively understand grammar through listening?

26:43 - How would you go about acquiring grammatical gender?

28:15 - What percentage should I be understanding before I begin to output?

40:44 - That are thoughts on shadowing vs listening and repeating an isolated sentence?

48:24 - How would you go about acquiring a diglossic language?

53:34 - What is the ideal time-range to spend on each SRS card?

54:48 - I find that my mind wanders while active immersion. Do I need to change something?

59:46 - Why does the RRTK deck only cover the most common 1k kanji?

1:07:31 - Is it possible to succeed in acquiring a language even if you don’t enjoy the process?

May 23rd, 2020

00:46 - What evidence is there for the idea that early output is harmful?

18:26 - I often can’t understand the meaning of sentences despite knowing all the words. Why is this and how do I fix it?

28:30 - What did you do to actively stay motivated and avoid burnout while learning Japanese?

36:38 - Although I haven’t mastered my initial domain of focus yet, I’m tempted to branch out into other domains to keep things interesting. What’s the best course of action in this situation?

48:55 - Would you ever create a separate channel or platform to talk about non-MIA related topics like meditation?

59:08 - Could simply learning kanji radicals in isolation function as a replacement for RRTK?

1:02:57 - What is your opinion on making bilingual vocab cards for words that are 1:1 between languages?

1:05:09 - My Mandarin reading skills are great, but my listening skills are still very poor. What can I do to remedy this?

1:09:31 - How broad or narrow is a “domain” of language?

1:16:12 - When shadowing, although I can hear where my pronunciation is off, I don’t know how to correct it. Should I study phonetics?

June 6th, 2020

00:18 - What did your family think when you started AJATTing? What do they think about you being fluent in Japanese?

17:03 - How many years of learning 10 new words a day was it before you started encountering less than 10 new words a day?

28:39 - If you can never “finish” a language, what’s the point of working hard to go from a B2 level to a C1 or C2 level?

39:40 - Can you explain what criteria I should use when grading audio sentence cards?

50:52 - What does MIA plan on doing about MorphMan going forward?

58:49 - Are you dissatisfied with your current uses of Japanese? If you could go back in time, would you learn a different language instead?

June 20th, 2020

1:41 - What do you think of “animecards” (high quality vocab cards)?

22:25 - Are there ways of using your mind that are counterproductive to the language learning process?

27:50 - I have trouble sentence mining through audio; is it OK to only sentence mine while reading?

31:56 - Can “saying words in your head” potentially harm your pronunciation?

35:23 - Please elaborate on the process of moving from “input for the sake of comprehension” to “input for the sake of output”.

41:59 - How can I improve at reading Japanese names?

48:37 - Can I stop myself from lecturing people on immersion learning in real life?

57:25 - How did you meet Shawn Head?

58:10 - How developed are your pen spinning skills?